Our Mission

Radiant Defense

More than ever before, schools, hospitals, offices, and their communities want to know that there are ways for them to stay safe. They want to know that they can go about their lives worry-free and confident, never giving a second thought to the places where they spend most of their time. From the time that they get into their buildings in the morning to the time that they leave at night, all of the moments in between, they want the freedom that only comes when you can assume that you have done everything you need to do to protect your health.

At Radiant Defense, we work tirelessly for those who enlist our help. We want to afford all of our customers the access they need to cutting-edge, highly effective sanitation and health fortification, breaking them out of any of the stresses and frustrations they may have been experiencing previously and protecting them from invisible attackers. For anyone – any person, any business – looking to see what excellence sanitation and health protection looks like, we are here. We are standing up for the sort of solutions that we know work, not only implementing them but verifying them too. That is the complete service that you can expect from us.

Although we pride ourselves on the wide range of home and business sanitation solutions that we offer, we view ourselves as offering a single product: peace of mind. We aim to show our customers how comfortable any space can be when you have put the right support system into place. Going far above and beyond standard procedures, we have integrated groundbreaking and advanced tools into our health defense strategies, which we have designed with an eye toward future-proofing, keeping you ahead of the curve and empowering you with all of the latest and greatest feats of science and engineering.

Our goal is always true safety. That is what we aim to pass on to our customers, in the places that mean the most to them. As we all know by now, the old methods simply were not cutting it. It may be tempting for some organizations to cut corners, but our customers know better than that. Understanding what is at stake, our customers seek out the best, and we are adamant about delivering that. Every sanitation, all of our research and development, we throw ourselves into it and push ourselves toward the best because we care about our outcomes.

When nothing less than full assurance will do, you can feel great about the choice that you have made, knowing that in Radiant Defense, you have chosen to work with a partner who cares about your health and safety as much as you do. From UVC lights to cationic shields and much, much more, our solutions are effective, as ongoing tests have proven. We would not anything else from ourselves, passionate as we are about safeguarding our customers from the invisible dangers that can lurk on every surface.

Research and Application Narrative

To all of us at Radiant Defense, it not enough to apply products and solutions that we think may work. We want to know that we are doing everything possible to protect our customers. Unless we can state positively that we have done everything in our power to eliminate or at least reduce bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous particles, we continue to push ourselves and work toward perfection, the one and only standard with which we are comfortable. This is why we are examining and testing all of our solutions constantly, reconsidering the selections that we have made and comparing them to the newest solutions that are emerging on the market.

Incidentally, this is also the reason that we manage testing as well as sanitation. We need to see it with our own eyes and from our own data that the solutions we are using for our customers do what the manufacturers say they do. Looking at viral, bacterial, fungal, and air particle loads, we are enthusiastic about validating our claims, every positive finding yet even more evidence that our customers can trust us to do right by them and uphold all of our promises. We also make these testing results available to our customers for the sake of transparency, striving to set the highest standards possible in this field.

Within our extensive health defense and sanitation toolkit, you will find in-demand, top-quality solutions, including UV lights that have installed their products in the New York City and Los Angeles subway systems and flooring products that Johns Hopkins facilities have adopted. In these and every other case, other leaders in science, epidemiology, and sanitation are confirming what we have already known about our products: through diligence and intelligent analysis, we have sourced only the best that is available.

Proven, FDA-registered solutions, the tools that we use work from the floors up to the counters and tables and then up even further to the ceilings. We select all of our products carefully, focusing on what we can prove and say definitively about their effects. To some, it may seem as if we are going further than we need to go, but to them, we say that it is better to feel safe. We clean with a hypochlorous acid fogger and Simix degreaser, install UVC lighting fixtures, and deploy non-alcohol-based Pure Bio Hand Sanitizer and Bio-Protect cationic surface coating, among other solutions, because we would rather do too much than do too little.

Because we are working in schools, hospitals, and other sensitive environments, we feel a duty to equip ourselves with all of the strongest tools and products. We want to keep our most at-risk populations, including our children and our seniors, safe and free from illness. This is something that everyone needs, and in recognition of that, we have also drawn up plans to support lower-income households, passing along our sanitation and comprehensive health protection services to families who need them and cannot afford them on their own.

According to The Global Virus Network, one of our solutions has recorded a six-week residual kill timeframe against infectious viruses, including covid-19. To us, that is wonderful news, but it does not mean we are satisfied. We continue to research fresh and exciting solutions all the time, remaining aware of any developments in our field so that we can offer them to our customers first. In this never-ending battle, we are intent on finding a dominant position. We do not rest – because we know that the viruses do not rest either.

We are, day in and day out, fighting on behalf of the customers who have shown their trust in us. By allowing us the opportunity to clean and sanitize their schools, hospitals, offices, and homes, they are putting a serious obligation on us. We feel the weight of that obligation, and we work to live up to it. In all of our solutions and all of our research, from the everyday tests that we run to the analysis that we execute on our own products, we are acting as leaders in this field because we want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Our Story

Since 2020, we at Radiant Defense have worked to stay ahead of the curve in the field of sanitation and health defense. Because new products and solutions are emerging all the time, we conduct an ongoing search, selecting the products that we know will work best for our customers and then examining and testing them as we use them in real-world environments.

We have assembled a comprehensive selection of solutions: hypochlorous acid fogger, Simix degreaser, UVC lighting fixtures, non-alcohol-based Pure Bio Hand Sanitizer, and Bio-Protect cationic surface coating, among others. Always preferring to go above and beyond for our customers, we verify and validate our sanitation and health protection strategies, remaining transparent about the work that we are doing and the results that we are driving.

Serving schools, hospitals, offices, and other community locations, we know that when we have done our job properly, it can save lives. That is no small matter, and we take it very seriously. If we can afford our customers peace of mind, a little relief from their concerns about covid-19 and other viruses, then we feel obligated to do so. We want Radiant Defense to become known as a leader in cutting-edge sanitation and health protection solutions for that reasons – what it means to the people whose health we are protecting.

In addition to our day-to-day work, we have also drawn up plans for a Radiant Defense giving-back program, offering our services and solutions to families who need them and cannot afford them. This is our way of supporting all the people in our community, leveraging the business that we are doing to foster a stronger and more selfless community.

When someone knows that nothing short of true safety will do, they know that there is somewhere they can turn. Radiant Defense has assembled effective, innovative products, and we know exactly how to use them. The future, as we see it, is healthier, and we proud to be a part of that.

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