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Home and Business Sanitation Solutions

Bringing peace of mind in uncertain times. Cutting edge solutions from technologically advanced UVC Xenon delivery, proven FDA registered solutions from floor to ceiling with guaranteed residual kill time of 30 days.

Radiant Defense Products

  • Cleaning with Hypochlorous acid fogger and Simix degreaser
  • Protect surfaces with the Molecule Simix floor treatment
  • UVC lighting installed to clean rooms after hours
  • Periodic testing and analysis

Let us build a defensive
strategy for you and your
customers safety

Pure Bio Hand Sanitizer

  • One application delivers 24 hour protection
  • Application on hands before entrance reduces inoculation of touchpoints
  • Non-Alcohol Based

UVC Lighting

  • Acts by penetrating the thin wall of a small microscopic organism and destroying its nucleic acids

  • UV light has years of research in clinical settings

  • UV is a crucial tool in the battle to reduce healthcare associated infections


A patented molecule made from quaternary ammonium salt and a silane.

The Benefits
This structure sets up a cationic shield or surface coating that maintains a persistent kill for 90 days on any abraded surface while protecting non-abraded surfaces indefinitely.

How it works
The Bio-Protect™ treatment forms a molecular bond for greater penetration and protection of both porous and non-porous surfaces.

These particles are positively charged which attract the negatively charged bacteria. Bio-Protect™ creates a layer of defensive microscopic carbon spikes that puncture the cell walls of microbes as they come to rest on that treated surface, killing the bacteria.

Simix™ Ceramic Coatings

The Benefits
These Ceramic floor coatings destroy viruses on Hard Surfaces: VCTTile, Terrazzo, Polished Concrete, Pavers, Hard Tile and Grout, Natural Stone, Epoxy Coating Urethane, Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, LVT, Polyurethane and Sealed Wood Flooring.

Once you transitioned to Simix™ coatings, you are never required to strip or burnish flooring. Stripping is a labor-intensive, toxic activity while burnishing releases germs and viruses into the environment. Eliminating these two tasks results in significant cost savings in labor and materials and provides a resultant safe antimicrobial surface. These tasks can also be accomplished by existing crews, experienced in floor maintenance, negating the need for outside crews to facilitate application.


Disinfecting Airborne Microbes


Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)

The Benefits
HOCL does not cause irritation to eyes
and skin and causes no hard if ingested. This makes Hypochlorous Acid the ideal sanitizer for direct food sanitation and
all types of contact surfaces.

HOCL is being used in healthcare for wound cleansing, eye drops, and patient room disinfection replacing toxic chemicals such as bleach and quaternary ammonium.

A powerful oxidant and is 100 times more efficient at killing microbial pathogens than OCL.

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